Living whole is possible, despite your current circumstances, when you have the tools to help you achieve it. By caring for all of you—mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially—you can experience greater well-being and live a more fulfilling life. CREATION Life is a whole-person wellness philosophy based on the Bible’s story of creation.

Each letter in the acronym CREATION represents one of God’s eight principles for living life to the fullest. These principles provide a lifestyle blueprint that works naturally with your body to improve your health and reduce your risk of disease. Take time to explore these principles. Start small. Challenge yourself to incorporate at least one action-tip from this website into your life.

When you’re diagnosed with a chronic disease, it’s normal to ask questions and look for answers. Technology provides an abundance of health information at your fingertips, but the abundance of health information at your fingertips may sometimes leaves you with more questions than answers. You may find yourself wondering, How do I know what information to believe? Is it really that simple? Why have I never heard this before? What is the right choice to make? You may also have questions about how to manage your new way of life: Is there a way this could have been prevented? Can my life go back to the way it was before? What does the future hold? How does my diagnosis affect my loved ones?

When faced with these questions, it’s important to take advice from the most reliable, scientifically proven research studies. This website includes practical tips from credible research, so you’ll discover the help you need to achieve wholeness in every aspect of your well-being.

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